Glacio is building Norway's largest warehouse hotel for cold storage and chilled goods, with space for 55,000 pallets

Glacio's new building in Åskollen, Tønsberg, will be completed in June 2023.
In June 2023, Glacio's new facility at Åskollen in Tønsberg will be completed. It is planned that parts of the facility will be fully automated high-bay warehouses.

At Åskollen, in addition to storage, Glacio will also offer transport, freezing and thawing and various other relevant services.
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A brand new facility in Tønsberg, just off the E18

Availability, location and access

The property is located in an area that will focus on the development of the food industry in the future.

We have secured the site in Åskollen, Tønsberg in particular because of its very central location on the E18 and proximity to large food production plants.

The region itself is a large and important area for food production and is very attractive in terms of efficient transport options and proximity to the Oslo region.

I am very pleased to announce that Glacio is now expanding its offering in Norway, says Espen S. Karlsen, CEO of Glacio.
A partnership to achieve a common goal

Glacio & Format Eiendom

Glacio and Format Properties join forces for the construction of the logistics facility at Åskollen. Format Properties' owner, Kaupang Invest, and Glacio will jointly own the building. Espen Karlsen meets with Sigbjørn Myhre, project manager of Format Properties, and Andreas Hojem Olsen, managing director of Format Properties, at the construction site itself.

"We see great opportunities in the market on the west side of the Oslofjord. We have already received significant orders for the new warehouse, including Nortura Tønsberg. I believe that we can act as an attractive logistics partner for the market if we can offer storage of frozen, chilled and dry goods and combine this with freezing, thawing, packing, picking and transport."

Espen S. Karlsen, CEO
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Technological solutions for more competitiveness

Compete in the market

- Competition in the cold storage market is increasing. Therefore, it is important for us to find technological solutions that position us as a technology leader, but we will also try to rethink sustainable offers for the market.
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A new logistics center with space for 55.000 pallets