Warehouse services

We have space for over 56,000 pallets in our warehouses. We offer most types of warehouse and repacking services




Our coldstore is maintained at a constant temperature of -22ºC and has a capacity of 54,000 pallets.
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Supercool will improve the quality, shelf-life and economics of your products.
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Cold storage

Our refrigerated storage facility is maintained at a temperature of +2ºC. This is the optimum temperature for most chilled products.
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Customs warehouse

You can store your goods in our customs warehouse duty unpaid. We have a status A customs warehouse and are an approved first receiver.
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Freezing and thawing

We offer large-scale industrial freezing and thawing in specially designed air-blast tunnel freezers. Glacio has extensive experience of freezing and thawing a wide variety of goods, and has systems which ensure compliance with all applicable hygiene, food safety and temperature requirements.
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Stuffing and Stripping

Efficient and cost-effective stripping and stuffing of containers.
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Glacio offers order picking and the dispatch of goods for its clients. Open systems which can be integrated with all EDI standards ensure efficient and secure orders and data flow.
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